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KanaVape starterkit with 5% CBD NIET MEER LEVERBAAR!

€ 47,50 

KanaVape vaporizer, complete starterkit with USB charger and 1 cartridge 5% CBD.

KanaVape vaporizer is a convenient, simple and natural hemp vaporizer, which is designed to get  your CBD (5%) using a vaporizer.
Ideal for people who are within the sake their CBD in a different way than by means of the drops.
It is legal to take simple to use and rechargeable via a handy USB charger.
the E-liquid organic! Contains NO THC!
De starterkit wordt geleverd met 1 cartridge, 1 vaporizer en USB lader. Klaar om direct te gebruiken!




KanaVape Starter Kit: complete package to start immediately

The KanaVape is an easy to use vaporizer. It contains all natural ingredients of hemp, including CBD. Another way to come to your daily amount of CBD in lieu of oil to drip under your tongue! The vaporizer is charging via a handy USB charger so you can connect to a laptop or PC to recharge.

Hemp e-liquid is produced here in the EU, made from certified organically grown hemp from the Czech Republic and Spain. There are absolutely no chemicals or synthetic pesticides used during cultivation. After this, it has undergone a supercritical CO2 extraction, and steam distillation film evaporation, after which it is eventually mixed to an easy-to-liquid vaporizing

The E-liquid, with a CBD content of 5%, but also contains several other cannabinoids and terpenes, makes this a pleasant way to take in your daily CBD. It contains no THC, so you are not stoned ..
The E-liquid is vaporized by the KanaVape. Not burned.



1 Cartridge yields about 200 puffs. Per puff, you get about 0,125 within CBD. Advice is to take 4-8 puffs per day.


Use during:

The KanaVape is not recommended for use by children, pregnant or nursing women, people with heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes. It is advisable to consult your doctor before you use an e-cigarette.

Each KanaVape Starter Kit comes with:


  • 1x KanaVape Vaporizer
  • 1x Hemp Cartridge (natural hemp flavor, 5% CBD)
  • KanaVape 1x USB Charger
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